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Tips for board installation is a pdf document giving my set of tips and tricks for installing the Hoffman board, as well as Doug Hoffmans install instructions.

The Redpepper manual. Yes, the firestarter. Only sold to responsible, mature individuals as it will burn down your house. If you own one, you should re-read these instructions once every six months to scare yourself.

Gary Granger of 3LC did a lot of the sound samples for us. Check out his site.

Check out Harmony-Central for reviews on amps and all sorts of equipment in the "User Reviews" section.

Bad ass pedals from T. Jauernig Electronics. I have used them, they are great. Check em out.

Here is a great article on tubes in the IEEE written by Eric Barbour.

Speaking of Eric, I picked up a scrotum smasher and it is incredible. I highly recommend checking out Erics gear at the Metasonix site.

I usually do not list guitar sites here, but I had a visitor to the garage recently who brought a Melancon guitar by and it was very impressive. They are hand made, one at a time here in South Louisiana. You can find out more by visiting Melancon Guitars website.

People I am affiliated with:

Magnequest builds some of the best hand wound transformers in the world. We use them in selected amplifiers, or on request.

Amplates has custom made a number of plates for us in the past. We still use some of them on certain amps and Joe is a great guy to work with. Give them a shout if you need custom plates for your designs or projects.

If you are looking for an incredible guitar repair shop, you should check out Tim's Guitar Repair Workshop in Baton Rouge, LA. Tim's does excellent work, and also carries TheAirtightGarage amplifiers.

If you are in the Lafayette area and you are in need of guitar repair, check out Guillaume Alis at the Guitar Hospital. He does excellent work and also builds guitars. 337-303-8285

Here are some other links to sites and information that you may find useful.
Again, I am just listing these here for information. I am in no way affiliated with these companies/people, and make no claims as to if their information is correct, accurate, etc.

Antique Electronics Supply has a lot of vintage and hard to find parts.

Hoffman Amplifiers sells parts for guitar amplifiers. Also has a good amp forum (the link is on his front page)

Synthtopia is an electronic news and review site.

The Tube Store has a wide selection of tubes and does pretty good tube matching.

The TubeDepot has a wide variety of tubes on hand, new and NOS.

The Tube Data Sheet Locator is a good site if you do not have tube data books.

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